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Jim and Bonnie Simon moved to Apple Valley, MN in 1965, starting Simon Horse Company Sale & Trailer Company. Jim was one of the first ones to introduce gooseneck and bumper pull trailers to the area. He started with WW trailers out of Madill, OK which we still handle and sell today. Jim would make trips to Madill every week to pick up new trailers. The number of trailer sales just kept growing with each year. In 1977 Jim, Bonnie and family moved their business to Cannon Falls, MN. They purchased 80 acres along Hwy. 52 and started building a very nice horse complex to have horse sales, shows and of course trailer sales. They renamed the business Simon Arena & Arena Trailer Sales.

The Simons were the first of many horse people to move to the Cannon Falls area. It has now grown to many horse related businesses. The trailer sales continued to grow at a fast pace. They were picking up new brands to accommodate the demand. The family all had a part in the business. Teri, Jim and Bonnie’s oldest daughter, worked the trailer sales department managing daily sales, Bonnie did all of the bookkeeping back then and Jim oversaw the entire operation. They had several employees helping with it all. In 1982 Mark Kusilek was hired to do odd jobs of all kinds. He had great appreciation for all that was going on at this operation because of his love for horses.

In 1985 Mark and Teri were married. Teri had one sister Jami and one brother Ryon. Jami passed away in 1993 which was a huge setback in the hearts of the whole family. She is gone but not forgotten. Ryon came along in 1980 and has grown into a large part of the horse sale business.

In 1995 Arena Trailer Sales was outgrowing the parking lot at the Arena, so Jim purchased 10 acres on the corner of Hwy. 52 and County Road 86 - a great location where we now reside. We built a new facility with room for a second business attached. It was the first indoor trailer showroom of its kind in the Upper Midwest. This was a successful move for Arena Trailer Sales. Ryon opened a saddle shop next door with a large inventory of saddles. We now have three businesses - Arena Trailer Sales, Simon Horse Company and RS Saddlery - that are in their own respects some of the leading companies in the horse industry. It all goes hand in hand. This is a family owned and operated business, which is over 40 years in the making - we are very proud of all we have accomplished and look forward to many more years of sales and service in the trailer business. Our most rewarding part of the trailer business is the great people we get to deal with and meet every day.

Mark Kusilek
Arena Trailer Sales Manager
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